Aspirational Districts

GIS application for 115 aspirational districts' management and progress monitoring at district level.

Government Land Information System

Mapping of all Central government land parcels including that of Central Public Sector Enterprises.

Mining Surveillance System

To curb illegal mining through automatic remote sensing detection.

Industrial Information System

GIS based mapping of industrial areas, zones, parks etc. for identifying and promoting cluster based industrial development.

National Highway Authority Of India

Plotting of national highways alongwith advanced analytics for basic details, construction progress matrix, land status, clearance status, commercial operations, focus projects.

Water Resource

Mapping of water resources under Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme and Repair, Renovation & Restoration of Water Bodies.

Meghalaya Tourism

A glimpse of popular tourist places, history culture among other attractions of Meghalaya with GIS visualization to guide tourists.

Social Benefits Management System

The objective of SBMS is to develop Online Transparent System for loan application & processing with Real time Information availability to all concerned departments.

Delhi Police

Design, development, amalgamation and maintenance of single app for various delhi police services and web application for Dark Spot analysis.

North East Industrial Development Scheme

Online system for applicants to apply under the scheme and claim benefits for promotion of industries in North East region including Sikkim.

Industrial Development Schemes For Himalayan States

To promote industrial set-up and expansion of existing units across Himalayan States of J&K, HP and Uttarakhand.

Geographical Indications in India

A GI is primarily an agricultural, natural or a manufactured product (Handicrafts and industrial goods) originating from a definite geographical territory.


The Members of Parliament Local Area Development Division is entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).

State Specific Login

GIS based applications for facilitating DSS of various states.

National Mission on Cultural Mapping

NMCM is aimed to address the necessity of preserving the threads of rich Indian Art and Cutlural Heritage, convert vast and widespread cultural canvas of India.

Health Management System

Health management system is a GIS repository of health establishments across the nation.

Central Board of Secondary Education

Mapping of existing and new CBSE schools along with examination centers.

Saltpan Information System

Provides details of saltpan area/land at cadastre level across India with details.

Mobile Coverage Information System

Country wide network coverage via use of GIS.

Rural Electrification System

Mapping of status of villages under 'Rural Household Electrification'.

National Textile Corporation Ltd.

Mapping of all the textile mills under NTCL to facilitate identification of illegal encroachment.

Soil Information System

Mapiing of soil information on GIS platform including crop recommendations.

Road Information System

Geo-mapping of all major/minor roads across India including national corridors.

Coal Mine Survillence & Management System

GIS based system for surveillance & monitoring of any illegal coal mining activity taking place in the coalfield region.

e-District & Common Services Centres

Mapping of CSC locations and e-District services available across India.

Soil Health Card

GIS based application to provide field wise soil specification information, its characteristics, problems, solutions etc.

National Asset Directory

Mapping of assets at panchayat level.

North East

Web-based GIS portal for mapping assets of North East region.

National Logistics

Mapping of seamless movement of inputs and finished goods across the country.

Government Training Institute

Mapping of various Government training institutes across the country.

Goverment Offices

Mapping of government offices across the country.

Electronic Manufacturing Units

Mapping of Electronic manufacturing units across the country.

Digital India Outreach

Monitoring of live status of Digital India outreach vans.

Water Bodies

Mapping of water resources, River development & ganga rejuvenation.

Public Toilet Utilities

Mapping of public toilet utilities across the country.

Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas

Visualization of PESA districts on GIS map.

Rail Land Information System

countrywide Mapping of railway lines and nearby areas owned by the authority.